The onboarding process

On boarding a practice or PCN into the Workforce framework

Coming on board and getting started in Workforce is made easier by a formal process where we share information and learn about your service. After this, we can configure your Hub account for purpose and set it up ready to go.

There are some key aspects to this process

  • Ideas sharing, training and learning
  • Application setup & configuration


We show how the platform is designed to work, how other services use the platform and how we have set this up within Workforce.


We learn how your service is designed and gather some important information we need to setup your Hub

Platform training

This involves an explanation and a demo of the core modules of the Hub account. How to use these things in the most effective way and what gains are possible. How all the data across the modules interacts.

  • Workforce management
  • Rostering
  • Costs, pay rates & finance
  • Reporting

Application setup & configuration

This comes in three parts:

Setup Hub according to the service structure.

This usually takes the form of a module for each site. Each module has its own rota. Module rotas cannot clash. Some employers also use virtual modules such as mobile clinics or remote / home-based work

Once a Hub structure is understood, we setup the modules to match.

Import the practice staff (Clinical & non-clinical)

We supply an import file template for the practice to fill in and return to us. We then use established import scripts to import and auto create the staff user accounts and return to the practice a file containing user accounts and passwords

This process creates workforce of salaried staff for the service in the workforce management module of the Hub account. Here all aspects of staff users can be managed and stored and each users work plan can be input in a simple interface.

Build session types and core rota templates for the Hub

We spend time with your rota team to understand how to build core rotas and what they are comprised of. We then build the required session types into your Hub and develop the core rotas as import templates. These templates can be used by your rota team to rapidly create new rotas, ready for assignment or self-assignment of your workforce.