Features & pricing

There are three versions of the Workforce Hub to choose from


All purpose, simple interface, service agnostic


Rapid mobilisation

High uptake / volume deployment


Demand & capacity management

Service model rostering

App for all staff users
Support for all staff types, salaried and self-employed, clinical and non-clinical
Hub on boarding and ongoing support
Multi-channel comms built-in
Connection with large, allied health professional locum network
Segmented user type rostering
Internal workforce management including refs, ID, smartcard, compliance docs tracking and induction tracking
Ability to recruit locums into private workforce
Real time distributed rostering across multiple sites
Assignment and self-assignment
Combined user type clinic planning (mass clinics)
Optional role-based rostering per site
Volunteers integrated with workforce
Shift type taxonomy management with associated user capabilities management
Fixed asset management and rota integration
Session type management and rota integration for advanced clinical rostering
Staff work plan management and rota integration for capacity management
Assignment screen planning mode
PCN funding identification and unlocking
Hub module information management including videos
Rota as static object (templates) for rapid deployment
Rates & fees matrix management with special case overrides
Spending forecasts & reports
Salaried staff payment reports
Locum staff invoice generation and bookkeeping data export
Integrated holiday rostering with change management
Hub activity log for key roster actions
Rota assignment reports with breakdown
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