Workforce integrates with a network of Allied Health professionals, allowing Primary Care services to build their own flexible workforce and schedule that workforce into their services, whatever they might be.

GPnetworks operates the underlying system that creates this network and will work closely with you to setup your Workforce account, training your administrators on using the system and supporting them as they use it.

We will work with you to customize your Workforce account for the specific needs of your service and, during this time, your account will be a free pilot.

Building and managing a mixed workforce

  • Your workforce can include locums and salaried staff
  • Your workforce can mix all Allied Health practitioners
  • Your workforce can combine clinical and admin staff
  • The system provides an account for each staff member
  • The system tracks staff documents & certificates
  • The system helps you check staff compliance
  • The system helps you track staff induction
  • The system facilitates communication with your staff
  • The system handles registration, opt-in and governance

Rostering the workforce

  • Create your roster structured by your locations (location rotas)
  • Your roster is linked to your demand and capacity model
  • Your roster performance is tracked and dashboard provided
  • The rotas will intelligently map staff availability to clinic shifts
  • The rotas allow manual administrator control/management
  • The system notifies everyone of activity and changes
  • The system allows staff to self-assign to unfilled rota shifts
  • The system works to solve all shifts
  • The system builds a real-time schedule for everyone

Paying the workforce

  • Your staff invoices are generated automatically from rota's
  • Your staff pension calculations are handled automatically
  • Your invoice data + payroll calcs are generated as a data export
  • Annual leave is calculated for all salaried staff in your workforce
  • Each staff account has its invoices generated automatically
  • The system matches all work to invoices
  • Invoices can be manually edited, revoked and re-created
  • Invoices can be reconciled within staff accounts

Tracking your performance

  • The system generates individual rota assignment reports
  • The system generates host location payment reports
  • The system generates real-time demand & capacity reports
  • The system generates service spending reports and forecasts
  • The system generates a real-time spending report across
  • your service structure
Federations: ⇨ Build & schedule a workforce within any service
PCN’s: ⇨ Build & schedule a workforce across your services
Builds Schedules for you and your Workforce. Calculates your costs. Auto generates invoices for your Workforce. Communicates all activity to all parties. Build data sets and provides extensive reports and cost calcualtions.

The key facets of the Workforce system