GPnetworks developed Workforce in 2018 as an innovative way to manage and roster a mixed workforce within Improved access services. It is capable of combining clinical and non-clinical, salaried and self-employed staff in an intelligent way and allowing a single administrator to build multiple, complex, mixed rosters using all available staff resources.

We included in this platform a set of tools to bring workforce modelling, demand and capacity planning, compliance management and spending together in one place, alongside intelligent rostering and we designed it to be agnostic enough to work for any type of Primary Care employer.

Because we had already spent 14 years establishing a GP locum network across the South east, we were able to build a solution that can connect into that resource and allow employers to augment their existing workforce with flexible workers.

Because we support the CCG and PCNs with their vaccine clinics, we were able to vastly expand the scope and size of our network to include all Allied Health professionals.

Building and managing a mixed workforce

  • Your workforce can include locums and salaried staff
  • Your workforce can mix all Allied Health practitioners
  • Your workforce can combine clinical and admin staff
  • The system provides an account for each staff member
  • The system tracks staff documents & certificates
  • The system helps you check staff compliance
  • The system helps you track staff induction
  • The system facilitates communication with your staff
  • The system handles registration, opt-in and governance

Rostering the workforce

  • Create your roster structured by your locations (location rotas)
  • Your roster is linked to your demand and capacity model
  • Your roster performance is tracked and dashboard provided
  • The rotas will intelligently map staff availability to clinic shifts
  • The rotas allow manual administrator control/management
  • The system notifies everyone of activity and changes
  • The system allows staff to self-assign to unfilled rota shifts
  • The system works to solve all shifts
  • The system builds a real-time schedule for everyone

Paying the workforce

  • Your staff invoices are generated automatically from rota's
  • Your staff pension calculations are handled automatically
  • Your invoice data + payroll calcs are generated as a data export
  • Annual leave is calculated for all salaried staff in your workforce
  • Each staff account has its invoices generated automatically
  • The system matches all work to invoices
  • Invoices can be manually edited, revoked and re-created
  • Invoices can be reconciled within staff accounts

Tracking your performance

  • The system generates individual rota assignment reports
  • The system generates host location payment reports
  • The system generates real-time demand & capacity reports
  • The system generates service spending reports and forecasts
  • The system generates a real-time spending report across
  • your service structure

Today the GPnetworks Workforce platform operates in three distinct modes:

General-purpose mode

This is used by services such as Improving Access and provides powerful user-type based rostering with compliance management, onboarding, costs and spending management and performance and spending reporting.

PCN mode

This is used by clusters of practices or PCNs and provides all of the features of the all-purpose mode with a suite of extra features and functions designed to enable sharing and collaboration across multiple practices, plus advanced capacity planning, care model based rostering and advanced spending and reporting.

This mode has an ambitious roadmap of upgrades planned, which will bring every aspect of PCN based operational planning and deployment into one place, allow cross PCN sharing and collaboration and provide sophisticated service model reporting and insights.

Mass-response mode

This is used by services or cross-service collaborations such as Vaccine Hubs and provides all of the above with the addition of optional role-based rostering and the ability to combine multiple employers into a single, centrally managed service, with workforce cohorts, costs and spending segmented.

The underlying resources

All three modes of the platform have the option of being connected to the wider network of flexible Allied Health professionals. These users have joined an open network for free and pay zero commission on their work. They are an underlying, self-determining resource for all the employers using the platform. They use their accounts to connect with employers and build the professional lifestyle that suits their needs and their capacity. They negotiate directly and invoice directly, through their account.

Explainer video for basic mode